Hey! Call me Mav or Ares. I'm a teenage trans guy and I need a place to gather everything that could help me and others get by. This website is a work in progress, but I hope to expand it as much as possible (I may create another site for trans girls, but it would be mainly research-based since I'm not one myself). There will be different pages with tips on each sub-topic, each of those containing links that could be useful, along with all my current knowledge. I'm making sure not to include any misinformation so this can be a reliable source for anyone who needs it.
Make sure to click the "Extra Information" and "Resources" buttons! The first one has information about different gender identities and help figuring yourself out, as well as an explanation of different terms you'll see here. The second contains every link on this website, plus some other miscellaneous ones, so it's it easier to find them all. If you have a question or something you'd like me to add, message me here. (By the way, I'm currently shit at coding so don't expect any of this to look aesthetically pleasing anytime soon. I'm just tryna fit all the info I can here first, and things will be pretty out of order/unfinished for a while.) That's it! Stay safe y'all.